This one had a tat on her right tit, rhyming with 'bandana' XD.

If you visit them as a noob they'll ask 6 K or more, and anything above 5 k is their own game.

Chat sex for malay-54

She was at many places included queens dungeon, crystal spa, remedy etc etc all providing full FS services. I agree that you should share this only with very selected people.

The biggest danger would be if a pimp gets hold of this girl and jacks up the price to 30,000.

The owner / manager lady of this place asked me not to tip anything beyond.

This girl wasn't interested in providing B2B at all and told me she didn't know it. After about 10 minutes she asked me what I'm willing to pay for the actions to follow, I said with confidence that the madame had strictly asked me not to tip to which she came under control and didn't talk anything of the tip afterward.

I was a bit curious because seniors know most of the norms of this forum so they hardly fake a story. "Sorry Bro, you give me something and I'll respond in kind once I've verified your contact." I think this regular with 5 posts under his sleeve is trying to con the mongers in this forum into getting our contacts for his needs. But in true sense of the word I hit "Gold last week" via AH. She was hot and supposedly is a model who's on some music video.

Price 10 k (and worth every penny) but very cautious. All stats are 9.5 to 10 nothing below but sorry won't share any info cause all you brothers have not shown me any love and I've asked plenty of you for help but not forthcoming.

(Second thoughts, in what world a hot chick works in a spa reception, without any hanky panky) try your luck. This attitude of sharing and seniors have special privileges is not the greatest of examples you set to the newbies.

I don't think FS available here, unless you get friendly with someone and ask her out. May be being such seniors if you had created a environment of trust ad sharing with newbies we wouldn't be having this discussion now.

It is near the junction of Havelock Road and Isipatana Mawatha, and in front of Henry Pedris ground. It is currently on the 3rd Floor, but I am told it will soon be moving to the 2nd floor. If anyone knows a stone cutting place let me know through a pm. Only one girl was there, I felt a bit horny that time plus she was in nurse uniform. Hi all, Visited the newly opened 24 HR place yesterday. Try to get the far corner cubicle near the wash room, more privacy, more action I believe. I am trying not to mention names here apart from your name, so I will call him Mister X.

When I went there I was told that there was only one girl available, a MILF with a nice face and big boobs. First of all this is being supervised by the same Sunrise management! Almost forgot, Cubicles are air conditioned, entrance 1.5 k. If Mister X is an intelligent guy, he should have searched your posts and discovered that you are one of the most genuine members of this forum. Go ahead and name me cause this is a forum and reputation or not I standby by what I believe and will continue to do so.

She comes with lot of constraints such as she gets angry if we try to suck her boobs, kissing is not allowed at all.