In spite of the name, I have no doubt there are ommisions and errors. Although the Conn model number index is very interesting, it doesn't show you what the instruments look like.

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These are the Conn model numbers ending with the letter "A".

Index of pages The Full Cornet Model List This is my attempt at a complete Conn cornet model numbers index, including the missing first page and some corrections to the other pages.

Comparative quality of Conn instruments From time to time I am asked whether a model is a professional or student model. Cleaning your trumpet or cornet An explanation of a way to clean your instrument.

"How to Care For Your Instrument": Original Conn publication August 1942 A Conn publication from WW2 on how to care for your instrument when spare parts are unavailable.

Pan American Brass Serial Numbers Serial number lists for Pan American Brass instruments.

The short and long of cornet mouthpieces A discussion of short shank and long shank cornet mouthpieces and what happens when you use a long shank mouthpiece in a short shank receiver.The new mouthpiece, which he later patented, caught the eye of other musicians.He made a few for his friends, but soon there was such a demand for his mouthpieces that he rigged up a lathe from an old sewing machine and began turning them out as fast as possible.Consequently, this is only a general guide covering mostly instruments of 1945 and later.There are three approaches to figuring out what model an instrument is.The Colonel also loved strange and bizarre instruments. Conn continued producing "firsts" throughout its distinguished history: the first American saxophone, first double-bell euphonium, first sousaphone (built to the great Sousa's specifications), and a long list of many others. Conn received four Army-Navy "E" Awards - the first given in the band instrument industry. Conn Symphony Series trombones have a legendary place in the classical trombone world.