Dave Tacon/Al Jazeera Peter, 8, and his mother Grace, 35, with a picture of Peter's Australian father, Max.

The picture was taken during one of Max's visits to the Philippines.

For a small fee, the men obtain what is known as an "early work release" that permits them to take the woman of their choice back to their hotel.

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From there, many flock to the bars and clubs of Fields Avenue - and to the impoverished young women who work there.

Acquiring their company for the night is straightforward.

Dave Tacon/Al Jazeera Robert, 18 months, watches television with his mother, Mylene, 37.

Mylene used to recruit girls from Manila for work in Angles City's red light district and met Robert's father, a US citizen, while at Owl's Nest, a Go-Go bar on Fields Avenue.

So our friend Steven is back in Manila for another short visit. As I told you, Rosa had been screaming for my attention the last 5 days, so now that I was back in the centre of the city, I expected her to show up. January 24, 2017 ยป Chacha Went for a walk this morning, only to find out that there was nobody at the beach again.

He starts this one off with a walk down to the famous bayside area to take in the salty sea air and ample opportunities for easy welcome Pinay puki.

Correction, 6/7/2015: An earlier version of this article cited a former US ambassador to the Philippines as saying that 40 percent of all visitors to the country are sex tourists.

The former ambassador later apologised for his remarks and admitted that he did not have any data to back them up. Young women greet meandering men and invite them into the bars that line the street.

Dave Tacon/Al Jazeera Peter, and some of his classmates outside the Learn Yearn Nurture School for Young near his home in Balibago.